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Social Media Marketing

Knackmap offers social media marketing managed services to keep you active on your social platforms and ensure your business gets the best ROI

These benefits include engaging with more consumers, using targeting to make sure the right people are seeing your content, and using it as another resource to point traffic to your site or service.

Social media marketing should be at the forefront of your business plan for 2018.

It’s a little bit more than just posting to Facebook and Instagram. Knackmap can assist in cultivating your business needs by aligning them to your social media goals with selection of channels, target audiences and demographics, and the creation and curation of content.

Knackmap’s social media marketing services are inclusive of:

  • Carefully curated content calendars
  • Visually appealing imagery and video marketing
  • Active communication and interaction with key audiences
  • Monthly reports and analytics

Achieve your marketing and branding goals with Knackmap today.

Tailored just for you

Our social media marketing solutions comes tailored to suit you – if you’d like less content, we work to that, and if you’d like your pages to be a hub of activity, we can do that too! We start out by gathering as much information about you and your product or service that we can. If you have a website or previous posts, we use this, but we always love extra content and info direct from you!

Before we get into any of the fun stuff, we ask you about your goals and what you’re aiming to achieve. We make sure that it is measurable and something we can actually make happen. We put together monthly reports filled with analytics and data so that you can watch as we creep closer to your goals.

Our Creative Team

Knackmap’s social solutions include copywriting and creative that includes artwork and video, as well as management of your social and advertising accounts. We love being creative, so you can be sure that this content is fresh, exciting and fun to read as well as relevant to your consumers. Once all of the content has been put together and approved, we take of scheduling and posting for you.

Knackmap uses a suite of tools to more efficiently and effectively carry out the necessary process to manage your social. We’ve also created our own proprietary software for small businesses, realtors and builders. We use scheduling and automation tools to ensure that your pages are hives of activity, and software that measure metrics and results so that we can effectively assess your successes.

In addition to being creative with your content, the Knackmap team are always up for a chat, and offer customer support that is all about communication. We like to hear about what’s new with you, and work these little bite-size chunks of info into your social media content calendars. Your dedicated account manager is always in touch to make sure nothing is missed, you are happy with our service, and making the most of what we can do for you.


Hear from our clients about what we have done to help their businesses grow.


We’re here. We’re rearing to go. Get used to it.

1. We want to partner with you for good.

We’ll be there to take you from woe to go. We’ll be there in the good times and the bad. We want to be there for your second cousin’s, nieces 1st birthday. And of course, we’ll have two cold ones lined up at the end of a long week….partner.

2. We really understand this space, and we can help you do the same.

You won’t be coughing over the smoke and mirrors with us. We’re here to provide an oasis of clarity.

3. We step up to the plate.

3 times a day. 4 if we’re hungry.

4. You can count on us.

We’re here to step it up a notch for short deadlines, hold down the fort for your long holiday. Hell, we’ll cover the school pick up and drop of if we can tie it to sales*. *due to high demand this service has since been discontinued.

5. Creative Flare

We have a creative flare that could save you’re life on a deserted island 1,000km away from the nearest civilization

6. We set smart goals.

Not too smart though, we don’t want them becoming self aware.

7. Hungry for Success

We’re hungry for success, and we’re not afraid to work hard for a bagel.

8. We fall in love easily, but we also know when we’ve got a good catch.

Every client we match with, we’ve fallen head over heels for. You could say we don’t set the bar too high…we’re just looking for long walks on the beach, a commitment to growth and enthusiasm for a collaboration.

9. Not a robot

If you’re wanting a yes man, we just aren’t computed that way….beep boop. If you’re wanting a team to tell you our truth and give our honest opinion no matter what, then we’re your team.

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