Social Media Marketing

Knackmap offers social media marketing managed services to keep you active on
your social platforms and ensure your business gets the best ROI

These benefits include engaging with more consumers, using targeting to make sure the right people are seeing your content, and using it as another resource to point traffic to your site or service.

Our social media marketing solutions comes tailored to suit you – if you’d like less content, we work to that, and if you’d like your pages to be a hub of activity, we can do that too! We start out by gathering as much information about you and your product or service that we can. If you have a website or previous posts, we use this, but we always love extra content and info direct from you!

Before we get into any of the fun stuff, we ask you about your goals and what you’re aiming to achieve. We make sure that it is measurable and something we can actually make happen. We put together monthly reports filled with analytics and data so that you can watch as we creep closer to your goals.

Our Marketing Solutions

Knackmap’s social solutions include copywriting and creative that includes artwork and video, as well as management of your social and advertising accounts. We love being creative, so you can be sure that this content is fresh, exciting and fun to read as well as relevant to your consumers. Once all of the content has been put together and approved, we take of scheduling and posting for you.

Knackmap uses a suite of tools to more efficiently and effectively carry out the necessary process to manage your social. We’ve also created our own proprietary software for small businesses, realtors and builders. We use scheduling and automation tools to ensure that your pages are hives of activity, and software that measure metrics and results so that we can effectively assess your successes.

In addition to being creative with your content, the Knackmap team are always up for a chat, and offer customer support that is all about communication. We like to hear about what’s new with you, and work these little bite-size chunks of info into your social media content calendars. Your dedicated account manager is always in touch to make sure nothing is missed, you are happy with our service, and making the most of what we can do for you.

Social Advertising Pricing


$299 pm
  • 1 Facebook Campaign
  • Recommended Budget: $500
  • Monthly Meeting


Most Popular


$499 pm
  • 2 Facebook Campaigns
  • 1 Retargeting Campaign
  • 1 Twitter/Linkedin/Insta Campaign
  • Recommended Budget: $1,000
  • Monthly report and call



$799 pm
  • 4 Facebook Campaigns
  • 1 Retargeting Campaign
  • 2 Twitter/Linkedin/Insta Campaign
  • Recommended Budget: $2,500
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly call/email update



$1,199 pm
  • 4 Facebook Campaigns
  • 2 Retargeting Campaign
  • 4 Twitter/Linkedin/Insta Campaign
  • Recommended Budget: $4,000-$10,000
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly call/email update


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