Influencer Marketing Adelaide | Knackmap

Campaign Analytics Set-up Pricing

Our team builds and executes strategies where influencers produce and share branded assets, passing equity from their passionate audiences to YOUR brand.

Reach the right audience

Our influencer recommendations are justified through a innovative tech. We analyse the audiences of our influencers, ensuring their audiences line up with your target as closely as possible. From here, we help you with outreach, negotiations and other communication requirements.

Tech-agnostic approach to reaching your customer at the right moment

We activate across many different platforms like Instagram and Snapchat depending upon who and how you want to communicate with your audience.

Activate micro-influencers at scale

In addition to working with those with larger followings, we can help you in activating influencers with small yet passionate followings. Not just one or two, we can help you manage hundreds of influencers concurrently for our clients.

Evaluation of Returns

The communication from influencers to their audiences is threaded with social context which has previously not been available in more traditional marketing channels. However, this doesn’t mean every influencer provides value and that this approach is right no matter what the communication. We evaluate your returns from these campaigns for future effectiveness.