About Us

Knackmap is Fearless. Knackmap is Disruptive.

Knackmap is #ALLIN on [YOUR BRAND]’s Success online.

The Knackmap Story

Knackmap was founded in 2015, and has since grown from its initial beta stage social media marketing product, to a multi-solution suite; which includes Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, led by our flagship products Knackmap and HouseQ, as well as a social and digital managed service provider and strategy-lab for business.


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We Want to be Famous For:

  • Providing clarity to digital for our customers
  • Providing vital expertise to bring any businesses online presence to superstardom
  • Providing solutions that help businesses achieve business goals online.


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When you work with us, we strive to provide world-class products and services to grow your business.

Our products and services are rooted in transparency, education, creativity and data.

Businesses come to us because they want to talk better to their customers, to educate the masses, to reach more people with impactful creative, to drive traffic and most importantly, generate more revenue.

It’s one thing to just tell your story, it’s another to have it noticed. We help businesses tell their story online, in a way which encourages people to interact with the brand, both transactionally and experientially.

Now, let’s get this s*@% started.

Partner With Us

We are not just here to serve, we are here to partner with you and your business to help you achieve your goals online! Sound good? Let’s chat.

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Why Knackmap?

  • We are transparent in everything we do.
  • We stick to what we’re great at.
  • We aspire to educate you along the journey.
  • We get results.
  • In Knackmap, you have a partner not an agency/product.

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